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World English Tutor, LLC?

01. Committed to your success!

From the moment you register with us and officially become our client, both the W.E. Tutor Team and our Primary Tutor will work diligently with you to ensure that you are progressing in your English language development at a natural pace.


We will stay in constant contact with you throughout your time with us to make sure that your English classes are comfortable and designed according to YOUR specific needs!

02. Cultural Sensitive & Aware

We know that each of our clients is unique in his/her nationality, native language and cultural background, so we work diligently to use relevant material that will not offend or upset our clients.

03. Practice Makes Perfect

Yes, we assign homework after every class! TED Talks, grammar work, vocabulary building, reading material and other resources are used outside of class to reinforce new material.

We find that regular practice between classes helps accelerate and deepen your understanding of the material you learn along the way.


We also administer bi-weekly or monthly assessments to determine your progress in English and help you understand what some of your strengths and weaknesses are.

04. Client/Tutor Relationship

"Session Notes" are taken during each session to note a learner's repeated errors, new vocabulary learned during the session and new grammatical structures, as well. Since we use online platforms for almost everything that we do, our clients can continue practicing their English on-the-go using Google Docs, Quizlet, Edmodo and other online, educational resources!

05. Speak! Speak! Speak!

Regardless of your particular area of improvement, our clients are in constant engagement with English speaking, because verbal communication is key to branching out, meeting new people and building your professional or academic network.

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